Dr Sophie Bibrowska – About your psychologist

Dr Sophie Bibrowska was born and grew up in Paris and has also lived in Poland before to coming to Australia.  Her location diversity enables her to understand three different cultures including their society influences, values, expectations, and ways of doing things.

Thus, in addition to English, Sophie provides therapy in French and Polish which is of value to her clients who have migrated out to Australia and prefer to speak about personal matters in their first language.

Knowledge that comes from that background though is not only useful for helping people from France and Poland. It’s also helpful for all clients, as a wider pool of psychological resources is available to be used in a timely fashion.

Sophie’s education in each of the three countries can be summarised as follows: France – a Bachelor degree in Arts and PhD at the University of Paris; Poland – secondary school in Warsaw, liceum im. Zmichowskiej and Australia – Master of Arts at Monash University and Diploma of Behavioural Sciences at La Trobe University.

Sophie helps people deal with fear and anxiety, and immobilising sadness (depression), which are an essential part of most issues discussed with a psychologist. Her clients frequently need to resolve problems related to lack of confidence, relationships, work, trauma, and addictions. She uses a variety of approaches adapting them to patients’ needs. When appropriate, she also uses hypnosis. The main ingredient that binds all others is the rapport that develops in the consulting room.

Passion for helping people overcome their challenges needs to be supported by a continual exploration of new skills, tools and techniques. Sophie has, for instance, recently attended a mindfulness training in India as part of her ongoing effort to provide a specialised and tailored service that is suited to an individual’s unique situation.

She supports clients in finding motivation and spirit, and guides them along the path from pain to awareness – and life changing action.