Psychodynamic Therapy has been used to help people understand how their past impacts upon their present. A trained psychologist may help you become more aware of mental and behavioural patterns that had remained unconscious, at least to a degree, prior to treatment. Thus you may become able to build a mature capacity to cope with issues that have previously held you back.

Also known as insight oriented therapy, Psychodynamic therapy is different from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal therapy as the end goal is not to modify behaviour but to gain awareness. Thus clients understand better the situations they have been trying to deal with, as it were, in the dark.

They explore more closely unresolved conflicts and emotionally painful symptoms, and discover ways in which these have arisen from past dysfunctional relationships. In the process, they enhance their self-knowledge and come to engage better with their unconscious mind.

They gain insight into the deeper causes of the tensions they have been experiencing. They may then be better able to understand why certain situations occur and why these may cause them to feel and respond in a certain way. Hopefully, they can then cope more efficiently and creatively with difficulties when these manifest again in new (and old) situations.

Psychodynamic therapy is often used to treat:

This approach of in-depth therapy can have profound and lasting effects on a person’s experience and attitude towards self and others. Its success is largely due to the quality of the relationship that develops in the consulting room.

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